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Whale Beach Australia

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Swimming at Whale Beach
Whale Beach is a beautiful beach for ocean swimming. At 600 to 800 metres long it is a nice length to get up and back. There are often strong rips and swells at Whale Beach however so it is advisable to study the beach well before entering to ensure your skills and fitness match the conditions. During summer months it is important to always swim between the red and yellow flags (as for all Australian Beaches) as this is where the surf life savers actively watch and patrol. The flags are set by the life savers in the safest part of the beach for swimming so it makes sense to swim there. During the winter months Whale Beach is not patrolled so you swim at your own risk. There are usually surfers in the water on any given day however, so it is rare you are out there on your own.

There are two regular rips at Whale Beach. One at the very north and one at the very south, both running out to sea next to the rock shelves. These are handy for surfers looking for a quick ride out the back, but will take the unwitting swimmer out the back just as quickly if not paying attention.

Surfing at Whale Beach
Whale Beach is best known for The Wedge which breaks on a rock reef off the northern rock platform and provides a good take off and short but solid left. The Wedge is a nice A framed peak when working (best in a SE swell). It is a great wave for experienced surfers and bodyboarders. The north end is also favoured for beach breaks during summer when some protection from north winds is offered by the high ridges, while in winter the south end offers the same protection from south winds. If you are looking for a wave Whale Beach is usually worth a drive by to see what it's throwing up.

Fishing at Whale Beach
Whale Beach is a very well known fish in location. Keen fishermen drive for a long time to get their lines ingot the water at Whale Beach. The northern rocks are easily accessible and have wide rock platforms extending round toward Palm Beach. This headland is known as Little Head. To the South there is another rock shelf behind the Ocean pool with a few good casting points also. Further south (about 20 mins rock hopping around the bay) is the well known 'Ovens' rom shelf and fishing spot. Ovens can also so accessed down the rock face at the end of Rayner Avenue on the ridge. They say bring a rope to help the shimmy downy the rock face.

With all of these locations it makes sense to have a good look at the conditions before committing yourself to a spot - too many people get washed into the water around here to be careless. Along the beach there are usually two to three good gutters to be found also, depending on the conditions also. You will usually find an old salty or two in the early mornings down on the sand chasing whiting, bream and tuna (or even the odd Jewfish late at night). Fish caught off the rocks include Kingfish, Bonito, Yellow Fin Tuna and the ever present Australian Salmon.

Hooded Towel by Terry Rich Social Links
Whale Beach Australia
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